Why join Fortumo?


  • Fortumo is a global mobile payments service provider. We work daily with some of the largest app developers, social networks and digital goods vendors in the world, providing payments for 4 billion users in 80 countries through 300 operators.


Endless opportunities

At Fortumo, talented and smart people like you can focus on doing what they want: we have very little red tape and our main priority is to allow you to get things done quickly and productively. You will have ample learning and development opportunities to make sure you can continue building a fulfilling career. Not to speak of the profit you gain from the smart international team around you.

Good Vibes

While we have high expectations for your results, we are equally committed to making sure you enjoy your time at work. Fussball matches, LAN parties, sports challenges, paintball wars and wine tasting evenings are an everyday part of Fortumo because we believe in balance.

Global Impact

If you decide to join Fortumo, your day-to-day activities will impact thousands of developers and millions of end-users in more than 80 countries. You will be able to work with partners and customers ranging from US to Brazil. You will be able to influence the future of the mobile industry – Fortumo is one of the biggest mobile payments companies in the world and we have a clear vision of where the future will be taking us.

Full Support for Expats

We have a growing international team at our headquarters in Estonia. We’re experienced in providing smooth onboarding for each and every new team member and all expats get full support ranging from relocation to running daily issues here in Estonia.

If you want to create & achieve something on a truly global scale, then we are waiting for you.


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